• Professional consultation on material choice

    We provide a comprehensive answers on technical characteristics and the application of construction materials sold by us. We are ready for any questions - we will do our best to give plain and simple answers. If we happen to not know any of the answers - we shall find a more competent person to advise.

  • Delivery

    We will deliver goods at your request and, if neccesary, we will unload as well.
    We have five variable size trucks at our disposal.
    We can always negotiate pricing.

  • Paint tinting

    We have three different paint tinting systems and specialists with over ten years experience in our shop

  • Sale of goods on lease

    You would like to start the repair of your premises sooner, than you can afford - we will try to help you on that.

  • Gift cards

    Would you like to present someone with chance to achieve planned repairs faster, but not sure what to they need - a gift card is always the right solution.