About us

Building material shop "Pilsēta" was opened on 6 October 2001, in Jelgava, Rupniecibas street 11, composed of twelve people in a renewed hangar. Commercial area at that time was 420 sq. m. There was no external storage space  - we could store only two types of plasterboard, one pallet of each, one "Rotband" pallet and one pallet of tile adhesive mix - there was not enough space. In 2002, we carried out the reconstruction of the store - built second hangar - we gained 950 sq. m of roofed area.

In 2003, we created a second shop - on Aviacijas Street 8. Number of employees reached 120 people. In 2006, we carried out a complete reconstruction of the external area - built drainage, surfaced area of 1,600 sq.m. with tarmac, built the canopy cover and created ample parking. In 2009, due to the beginning of the general crisis in the trade, we were forced to close the store in Aviacijas street, reduce the number of employees to 42 people, but the main thing - due to the professionalism of the staff and their commitment - we survived and continue to work. After the  crisis, already in 2011, we restored our position in the top 20 largest companies in Jelgava by terms of turnover and stayed that way in 2012 though 2015, which shows that we are appreciated by people of Jelgava and that obliges us to keep it up in the future. In 2014, we expanded store by 400 sq.m, offering wider interior materials, instruments and appliances departments.